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Meet the Veg out Team




Brad graduated from Princeton University and received a Masters of Arts from University of Virginia. He went on to teach in public and private schools for over 10 years in Hampton Roads and Charlotte.

Brad was always outside in the yard and garden. Upon returning to Virginia Beach, he wanted his girls to learn to love gardening as well. It was during this time that friends would see the vegetable garden and ask questions. Slowly, an idea started to grow.

Veg Out Gardens started in Brad's garage as a part time dream with a few grow racks and some tools. You will see Brad involved in many aspects of the business, from sales to maintaining gardens to everything involving hemp.

Brad can be reached at



Installations & Maintenance

Colsen does a bit of everything for Veg Out. His main focus is on garden installation and maintenance. He is a licensed applicator and has a horticulture degree. He has a special gift to break any and all working machines the second he touches them, as well as locking everyone out of the greenhouse.

For inqueries about your install or mainenance, Colsen can be reached at



greenhouse Manager

Bert works in the greenhouse. For relaxation, he enjoys a nice needle point as it improves his dexterity and is a real hoot.  Sometimes, to feel a real rush of excitement, this very single father of two, likes to drive his minivan 4 MPH over the speed limit. This closet hippie likes to name the hemp plants and talks to them like they are people. The Snickers commercials featuring grumpy people are loosely based on his life. Finally, his horrific taste in music terrorizes anyone who works in the greenhouse.


All of our hemp plants and flower are certified organic.



Design & Install

Imagine your very own organic vegetable garden right on your property! We take great pride in designing and installing beautiful vegetable gardens at your residence, that meet your unique needs and desires. Here is our process…

  • On location creative planning & design session - The best part is… the possibilities are endless!

    We come out to your location to talk with you about exactly where you want your garden, in order to determine the sunlight and water availability. Also, we will discuss the style you want for your vegetable garden.

  • We will take measurements to determine your squarefootage needs.

  • Next, You will choose and customize your vegetables from our extensive list! (This is the fun part!)

  • We will come back to you with a design of your custom vegetable garden, as well as, a growth & harvest plan for all of your vegetables.

  • We prepare the vegetable garden bed and start the seedlings at our greenhouse.

  • Finally, we plant the vegetables and establish your vegetable garden (weather permitting).

RaIsed Beds

Below are two examples of custom built raised beds. We can also install a kit from numerous suppliers, in ground garden, stone work... There are endless possibilities! 

  • All prices include the raised bed and labor

  • All raised beds are built to order

  • We can build any dimensions or designs

  • 20% DISCOUNT for customers who also sign up for a 6 months of our maintenance plan

  • Below are visuals of some popular options…

4' x 8' x 12" Raised Bed, $699

Included, but not shown below: Wire liner and Weed liner


4' x 8' x 18" Raised Bed, $999

Included, but not shown below: Wire liner and Weed liner


Soil Choices

Purple Cow Organics, $14.75/cu ft.

This OMRI approved soil combines organic compost with everything you need in good soil, such as nutrients, water retention, and microbial life.  It is great for all vegetables, both in ground and in containers.  It is made from all natural organic ingredients and does not contain any manure.


Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator in 1-A Agricultural Plant Pests- Licensed Fertilizer Applicator 

Veg Out Gardens is a licensed fertilizer applicator and the only company in Hampton Roads which is a certified commercial pesticide applicator in 1-A Agricultural Pest Management that will service your vegetable garden.

We only use organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Vegetable Gardens, Lawns and Ornamentals each require a different pesticide, herbicide & fungicide license. The company that sprays your lawn may NOT also spray your vegetable garden. They MUST have a commercial pesticide applicator license in 1-A Agricultural Pest Management.

Garden Maintenance

The Site will be serviced every other week.

  • Service visits will include the following: Cleaning, Disease and Pest Identification, Plant Assessments, Pruning, Thinning, Trellis Training, & Weeding.

  • Personalized Garden Plan.

  • Organic fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide applications included in service fee.

  • Teaching the customer the perfect time and technique to harvest all of their vegetables.

  • Free replacement of all Veg Out plants that have problems with transplanting or germinating.

  • 10% discounts on all plants & supplies when you sign up for 6 Months of service.

Pricing is per visit per hour (1 hour minimum)

Weekly - $50 / hour

Every 2 Weeks - $70 / hour

Every 3 Weeks - $90 / hour

Every Month - $110 / hour

*Please note: weekly or every two weeks is recommended. You must be active in the garden if we visit every three weeks or every month due to controlling pests and diseases.

Garden Revitalization

Veg Out Gardens can help prepare your organic vegetable garden for next season. All products used are certified organic.

- Complete Garden Cleanout
- Add Compost to serve as a top dressing for the soil
- Add Minerals to resupply the soil with all micro and macro nutrients:

  • Azomite (fortify and adding trace minerals)

  • Beneficial Bacteria

  • Feather Meal (heavy slow release nitrogen)

  • Humic Acids (enhance nutrient uptake & stimulate soil microbes)

  • Oyster Shell (strong root development & helps with plant immunity)

- Aerate the Soil

Top Dressing Compost: $1.50 / sq. ft. (includes labor)

Minerals: $2 / sq. ft. (includes labor)

Top Dressing Compost & Minerals: $3 / sq. ft. (includes labor)

Compost: $17 / cu. ft.


Our mission: Our why

 Veg Out Gardens was founded on a simple premise: Create a Healthy Future for our Children. This is why everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible.