The Site will be serviced every other week.

  1. Service visits will include the following: Cleaning, Disease and Pest Identification, Plant Assessments, Pruning, Thinning, Trellis Training, & Weeding.

  2. Personalized Garden Plan.
  3. Organic fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide applications included in service fee.
  4. Teaching the customer the perfect time and technique to harvest all of their vegetables.
  5. Free replacement of all Veg Out plants that have problems with transplanting or germinating.
  6. 10% discounts on all plants & supplies when you sign up for 6 Months of service.

Pricing is per visit per hour (1 hour minimum)

Weekly - $50 / hour

Every 2 Weeks - $70 / hour

Every 3 Weeks - $90 / hour

Every Month - $110 / hour

*Please note: weekly or every two weeks is recommended.  You must be active in the garden if we visit every three weeks or every month due to controlling pests and diseases. *