Veg Out Gardens can help prepare your organic vegetable garden for next season. All products used are certified organic.

- Complete Garden Cleanout.
- Add Compost to serve as a top dressing for the soil.
- Add Minerals to resupply the soil with all micro and macro nutrients:
1. Azomite (fortify and adding trace minerals)
2. Beneficial Bacteria
3. Feather Meal (heavy slow release nitrogen)
4. Humic Acids (enhance nutrient uptake & stimulate soil microbes)
5. Oyster Shell (strong root development & helps with plant immunity)
- Aerate the Soil.

Top Dressing Compost: $1.50 / sq. ft. (includes labor)

Minerals: $2 / sq. ft. (includes labor)

Top Dressing Compost & Minerals: $3 / sq. ft. (includes labor)


Compost: $17 / cu. ft.


Please email us for a quote.