Veg Out Gardens is your 'one stop shop' for all of your vegetable gardening needs and desires. We are the ONLY certified organic grower for vegetable & herb plants SE of Richmond, VA.

We can: 
build & install a new garden or renovate an existing one.
- design a garden plan for your garden
maintain your garden during the growing season.
garden revitalization, either at the start or end of the growing season.
grow and plant every vegetable you need for your garden.
- provide you with organic fertilizers and pesticides.
- provide you with any equipment you might need, such as trellises or cages.

Proudly serving all of Hampton Roads.

Veg Out Gardens is a licensed fertilizer applicator and the only company in Hampton Roads which is a certified commercial pesticide applicator in 1-A Agricultural Pest Management that will service your vegetable garden. We only use organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Brad Wynne
Owner & Operator