Mission Statement

Veg Out Gardens started with a simple premise: create a healthy future for our children.  This is why everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible.

- We only carry OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified products.

- All seeds are non - GMO.

- Plants are watered with filtered well water on site of our greenhouse.

- We only use OMRI certified fish & seaweed fertilizer for growing the plants.

- Plants are grown in OMRI certified soil starter & are potted up in OMRI certified compost.

- All plants from farmers markets come in Fertil Pots.  They can be planted directly into the ground.  This helps with the root shock for the plants.  It will biodegrade into the soil by the end of the growing season.

- All plants at garden centers come in EcoForms pots.  They are made from rice hulls.  They are not meant to be planted.  They will biodegrade at the landfills.  Best of all, NO PLASTIC POTS!

- Plant tags for the plants at the garden centers are made from a weatherproof paper.  Typical plastic tags can not go into the curbside recycling bins.  However, our tags can be recycled!

- All paperwork & promotional material is on 100% post consumer recycled paper.

- We only use certified organic soil for our raised bed installations.

- We only use OMRI certified products for our organic fertilizers and organic pesticides for our maintenance of customers' gardens.


Yes, all of these aspects do increase our costs.  However, it is worth it to do what we can to help create a better place for our children.